Member of the Month

Member of the month for September is Lauren Graf of SPS Commerce. She has consistently been working out 5-6 days per week by using her Pelaton app. Way to go! 

Herb of the Month

The Super Herb of the month for September is Thyme! Thymol and carvacrol are two powerhouse plant chemicals which may help with food poisoning to sore throats. Try out recipes like roasted veggies or use thyme in a marinade.

Exercise of the Month

This month we have an interesting body weight cardio/strength exercise which is a Hip Thruster with push-up.

Fitness at SPS Tower Newsletter

September 01, 2020

Did you miss the newsletter this month? No problem! We've got you covered!!

At Home Workouts

Tread & Shred- 45 minutes, you will need a treadmill and a resistance band

Core- 15 minutes, you will need two paper plate or two small washcloths


Total Body Strength- 30 minutes, you will need a set of dumbbells


Upper Body- 20 minutes, you will need a resistance band


Lower Body- 20 minutes, no equipment needed

Life Fitness Tutorials

Have you ever wondered how to use the weight machines in the Fitness Center? Life Fitness has put together a playlist of great tutorial videos on their YouTube channel. Check out the tutorials by clicking the link below!

Exercise Library

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