June 21- July 31​

AdvantageStrong is an ongoing 6 week workout program designed by AdvantageHealth certified personal trainers and health coaches! Over the course of 6 weeks, we will provide you with a variety of workout videos to follow along with. We will also set you up with a calendar outlining what days to complete the workouts and when to take rest days.

This program was designed for those with intermediate fitness level experience. You will need access to weights, or items that you can use as weights, to complete this program. AdvantageStrong can be completed from the comfort of your own home, or in a gym.

Beating Burnout


July 12 - 23 | 2 weeks​

Beating Burnout will focus on how to handle stress and anxiety in a healthier way, in hopes of avoiding burnout. Through the five techniques presented in this 2 week challenge: mindset, breathing, sleep, yoga/exercise, and decluttering, you’ll acquire new ways to combat stress and anxiety in an effective and healthy way. Receive emails with information about the different techniques, benefits, and tips for living a less stressed life. Record your stress level 3x’s each week before and after trying a new technique to discover what works best for you!  For each technique completed, you’ll gain one entry into a drawing for a prize for a $50 Massage Envy gift card!



Any 12 weeks of your choosing!

AdvantageStart is a 12 week workout program designed by your fitness center staff! Over 12 weeks we will provide you with 4 new workout videos every 4 weeks AND a calendar outlining what days to complete the workouts with suggested progressions for each workout. 


View the videos on YouTube and save the workout calendars to your computer to get started today!